When the Auto Hail Repair Guys came to the door, my first thought was it was too good to be true. I was very hesitant and asked a lot of questions and so did my insurance company. After meeting with and seeing the staffʼs professionalism and how they followed through on their promises, My family and I were all were very impressed!

Deanna Green, Columbia, MO

After the hail storm I went to look at my car, it had golf ball size dents all over it! I was just sick about it. I didnʼt have the time or even want the headache of dealing with my insurance company. Let alone paying the deductible out of my pocket and my rates going up. Their representative explained to me how hail storms are comprehensive claims and not collision so it didnʼt count as a claim towards my policy. I didnʼt pay a dime and they put me in a nice car while mine was being fixed. After I got my car back from the Auto Hail Repair Guys, I was thrilled to see my car! Brand new with no dents... Everything on my car looked wonderful. Auto Hail Repair Guys did a Great Job!

Curtis Aaron, Nashville, TN

I had the best experience working with the Auto Hail Repair Guys. I have been telling everyone I know that have hail damage from the recent storm to use them. The best part is how easy it was!

Tom Scaliatine, Park Ridge, IL

The first thing I thought while looking at my hail damage was how was I going to come up with the deductible to fix it?" The Auto Hail Repair Guys were able to help me with the deductible so I could get it repaired. If it wasnʼt for them, I probably wouldnʼt have gotten it fixed. Dealing with them was so easy. I didnʼt have to wait long to get my car back and the best part is that I didnʼt have to go back and forth with my insurance company. The Auto Hail Repair Guys handled everything!

Peter Dragas, Norman, OK

The way my family learned about the Auto Hail Repair Guys was when a representative came to my door after a big hail storm. I was very skeptical when they handed me a flyer and explained their services. My husband and I thought we would try one car and to our surprise it turned out fabulous! That is when we decided to get the second one done with them too."

Kim Lee, Scottsdale, AZ

I was very surprised when the Auto Hail Repair Guys paid for a rental car and my deductible. They met me up at Enterprise and put me in a rental so I wouldnʼt be without a vehicle to go to work. When they were finished they met me there again and gave me my car back. It looked almost new again! Thank you Auto Hail Repair Guys!

Mark Jones, Huntsville, AL

You guys were awesome. Greatly appreciated!

Gerry Cobbs, Atlanta, GA

My brand new car was destroyed by Hail. I thought that it could never look new again. Auto Hair Repair Guys made my day when I got it back. It looked as good as it did the day I got it off the car lot. Amazing Results.

Chad Michaels, Kansas City, KS

The hail came out of no where and damaged my car. Unbelievable damage. I was so happy with your sales person, Maggie. She explained the process and took care of me like family. Thanks Auto Hail Repair Guys.

Cheryl Lancaster, Edina, MN

Thank You Auto Hail Repair Guys for fixing my car from the hail storm and taking out my door dings for free.

Le Vu, Boulder, CO

I was very satisfied with the hail repairs I received last Spring by the Auto Hail Repair Guys. My car was pommeled with pea size dents. Some I couldn't see at first but as soon as I saw them in the natural light I was sick. I feel better for the next hail season because I will take my car back to you guys.

Ray McDonald, Greensboro, NC

Great job on my car, Auto Hail Repair Guys!

Amber Paluch, GreenBay, WI

My car had a busted windshield and dents on hood and roof from a freak hail storm in Garden City, NY. I called Auto Hail Repair Guys and they had my car in the next day repairing the damage.

Joey Gessati, New Jersey

I had my insurance company estimate the damage on my car but it wasn't nearly enough to cover the cost to repair. Auto Hail Repair Guys work with my adjuster to get what I needed to do the job right.

Arnold Gryzbowski, Kissimmee, FL

We go where the Hail goes. In order to service our customers, Auto Hail Damage Repair Guys and our Best (PDR) Technicians are available for Paintless Dent Repair nationwide.